Internship and University

The internship offers the opportunity to live significant educational experiences within the structure or at one of the main main partners.
Our internships involve the students to participate in innovative projects and activities, allowing them to develop further the competences acquired during their university career.

These initiatives are mainly based on collaboration with the Universities with which special agreements are stipulated and individual training projects are prepared.

Since the beginning of the internship, a tutor will support the intern to facilitate its insertion in the Company and will assist him during the training-professional activities throughout the whole period of stay in the host structure, providing every tool useful for the formation of specific skills.

Benefits for students and graduates:

  • improvement of their competencese achieved during the university studies and development of cutting-edge projects;
  • being directly in touch with technological innovation and numerous clinical realities of excellence;
  • deal with experts in the sector, in different business areas, and benefit of continuous coaching.

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